An Easy Day to Fly

By Ben Wolf
Thursday, November 23, 2006

Airline personnel say flyers experienced a turkey day without any hiccups while checking in and boarding flights. In fact, airline representatives say flights were departing on time and incoming flights were arriving ahead of schedule.

Airline passengers’ opinions on spending part of their Thanksgiving in the air varied.

"Of course I would rather travel the day before, but the day of is still good. You know, still able to go see my family and my fiancée and all that good stuff," said airline passenger Thomas Lyon.

"Two things work. We weren't able to leave ahead of time, and also it is a good and easy day to travel. Not many people in the airport," added J.P. Maultsby.

There were three commercial flights scheduled on Thanksgiving Day out of Valdosta. Two commercial flights to Atlanta are scheduled for Friday.