Shoppers Already at It

By Julie Montanaro
November 23, 7:05pm

Some of you may be flipping through those sale ads in the paper, making your lists and plotting your shopping strategy for Friday. Some folks couldn't wait that long.

The Tallahassee Kmart opened at 7 a.m. and a steady stream of bargain shoppers took advantage of the sales and the shorter lines.

"I figure I'd come today, beat the rush, because I figure tomorrow everybody would be here maybe at five o'clock in the morning, and it's a long line," said customer Sharon Lee Dawkins, "and I'm like, hey, I can come in and get my Christmas [shopping] done."

We ran into Vanessa Cobb in the parking lot, toting two huge, fuzzy pink pillows.

"I'm finishing up our Christmas shopping. We started last week in Orlando, and any time I see Dora I have to pick it up, so I'm just here doing my thing."

Several shoppers said they put the turkey in the oven first thing this morning and then snuck out for a few hours of crowd-free holiday shopping.