Jefferson County Library Closings

Folks say some students in the county need all the help they can get when it comes to schoolwork. They say this is not the time to cut jobs for librarians or close a branch library.

Lakayshia Johnson is one of thousands of Jefferson County students who rely on the county library for help with her school work.

"This is like the best place for us to be when we're out of school and it helps me. We learn more and study and stuff," says Lakayshia.

But that will soon change. County commissioners laid off three library employees and closed the books on this diamond in the rough, citing budget woes.

"The board felt like we had to let some people go because of the money crunch and what we did we close a branch library and when she has available labor she can open it back up," says Jessie Cooksey.

Still, the county's librarian says the branch library at the teen center is in walking distance of the high school and believes it's important for students to have this facility available to them.

"This is the only form of entertainment for a lot of people in this town and source of information for them I think it's crucial for smaller towns to have a library more so than a larger city because they have a lot more resources," says Linda Hamedani.

Residents agree.

"I think by closing the library it will be a major hurt to our kids in the county so that we should do everything we can to get the library and continue to have it open at all times," says Joyce Wilson.

Residents say they are willing to volunteer their services to keep the branch library open. The branch library is scheduled to close at the end of the month.