Autopsy Awaited on Bodies Found in Tallahassee

The Leon County Sheriff's Office is still awaiting autopsy results on the bodies of two local college students. The victims were found dead inside their Tallahassee home on Thanksgiving.

Deputies won't say how the two died or if they suspect an intruder committed the crime. All they will say is that the deaths had happened within 24 hours of their discovery.

Deputies say 20-year-old Nefertiti Williams and 21-year-old Shaundavian Brooks were supposed to be with some family members at a Thanksgiving gathering and didn't show up.

Both lifeless bodies were found inside their home at 2829 Roscommon Drive.

Williams and Brooks, both from Bradenton, Florida, share the home with four other occupants.

Nefertiti Williams was a student at Florida A&M University and Shaundavian Brooks attended Tallahassee Community College.