This Little Piggy Is Being Honored

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From porky to greased, pigs hogged the limelight at the 32nd Annual Swine Time Festival.

This little piggy goes to Climax, Georgia, but isn't going home. If the pigs could talk they may say catch me if you can, because children chase the greased up oinkers, claiming a prize after nabbing them by the hind legs.

"I like the dancing and everything but so far I wanted to see the pig chasing," said Samantha Masias, who loves watching the pigs.

Since 1975 thousands of pig lovers have gathered at the Annual Swine Time Festival to bond with friends and families.

"We know we will have a good time walking and looking around and enjoying ourselves," said Sidney Jones from Tampa, Florida.

Music sets the mood as folks soaked up the sun and enjoy this southern tradition, all honoring these little piglets.

A log cabin is an attraction that's bringing folks back to the good old days. It dates back to the 1850s.

"My uncle and aunt used to live in this cabin a long time ago. Many years ago I was just a little boy. Uncle and Auntie lived here; it brings back a lot of memories," said Alvern Cooper, who saw his family’s old log cabin.

Families said Swine Time is a great way to make more memories, but the biggest attraction in the south Georgia community was these porky pigs.

Folks said the day is a great excuse to pig out.

The festival honorees also had the chance to work the runway, competing in the best dressed pig contest.