Transportation Fun

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One after another, children came tumbling out of a semi. Some students were even climbing onto a fishing boat right on school grounds. This may sound like children are taking over the town, but teachers say it's the best way to an education.

Hand-In-Hand Primary School Principal Jeanna Mayhall said, "This is a culmination event from the unit the kindergarten has just finished, Producers and Consumers. It's part of the Georgia Performance standard for social studies."

Students were spending the week learning about transportation through books. Now they get to see and touch what they learned about.

Hand-In-Hand teacher Carole Bebis said, "They've made their own trucks and done lots of language things about sounding out words that are transportation words, so we've just had a really good time."

Mayhall said, "We have John Deer, they brought some vehicles out. The city of Thomasville, the utilities department, they sent several different vehicles out, we have a semi truck, we have a deep sea fishing boat."

So while this sounds as though children are wreaking havoc in Thomas County, it's really all just part of the learning process. Teachers say as the children continue to learn more about vocabulary, they hope to continue to have the chance to bring the words to life, just as they did with transportation.