The Only "Smart House" in Tallahassee

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Imagine leaving for work and telling your cell phone to turn up the heat at hour house. It’s all possible for the "Smart House."

With the touch of a remote control you can adjust the houses music, television, lighting, temperature, fire places and more.

The house is energy efficient and can even be controlled while you are on vacation via the Internet.

Open house tours are being held throughout November and December, all benefiting Big Bend Hospice.

"It's always nice to have the community to help support us and we have really appreciated this opportunity. To both see a really lovely home during the holidays, and at the same time help a good cause," said Diane Tomais with Big Bend Hospice.

"The new generation of smart home technology has just made a great leap downward in price. So now you are finding a home at this caliber instead of in multi-million dollar homes," said Mark Trudeau, Trudeau Fine Homes.

The $616,000 house is the only one like it in Tallahassee, and can be custom built with all the fixings.