Big Shopping Weekend

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Christmas decorations set the mood for shoppers, but holiday sales are getting folks into the spirit; the shopping spirit, that is.

"I usually start when the sales start. I usually get out there and you know, quite naturally the day after the Thanksgiving was the best," said Paula McKnight-Robinson, who comes for the sales.

While the holiday sales are enticing for consumers, shoppers said the extended hours are a big help.

"It's been wonderful. My parents came from out of town, so we came out first thing this morning when the mall opened and were getting it wrapped up, so it's been good," said Kelly Kitchens, getting his shopping done.

Four shopping weekends are left. These early birds said getting gifts weeks ahead has many payoffs; you avoid high prices and the rush.

"Thought we'd get an early start this morning and do Christmas shopping and beat the crowds. Friday was really busy," said Scott Brady, finishing shopping.

Governor's Square opens early and closes late through Christmas Eve. Tallahassee Mall's extended hours won't begin until December 4th.

Retailers are noticing the change.

"I've seen a big increase since like the day after Thanksgiving," said Tammy Barton, a retailer.

While some set out on the task alone, others are getting a little bit of help.

"My wife's been great. She's got it all done, so I am here helping her finish it up," said Kitchens.

It’s a smart move. Many say it only gets worse as Christmas approaches.