Decorating Dangers

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People often describe Christmas as the most wonderful time of the year, but for some folks who decorate, the joy of Christmas could turn into disaster.

Justin Townsend, who works at a local hardware store, says that's because there are many dangers when it come to decorating for the holiday season, especially when ladders are used.

"You want to make sure your ladder is stable. Put a foot on it first to make sure it's not going to rock back and forth and read the warning labels on the ladders to not step above the correct rung."

That's why Marian Bevis worries about her husband getting injured while decorating.

"I don't like for him to get up on the ladder behind hedges trying to put the wreathes in the windows. I have a time getting him not to get on the ladders."

Carmen Claudio has her own idea on how to avoid injury while decorating.

"We have put up the lights for the last three or four years and we just leave them up there. We plug them in to see which ones are not functioning and we just change the old."

Even changing the old light bulbs may require a ladder, another reason to remember the importance of decorating safety this holiday season.

The Home Safety Council put out a national survey which shows four out of five U.S. households plan to use ladders around their homes to get ready for the holiday season.