National Reading Study Improving Grades

An innovative new approach to teaching is leading to major grade improvements at Brooks County Middle School. This new program is being implemented into the classroom, and is called "The Corrective Reading Program". This program does a lot more than just help kids learn how to read.

Each day since 1999, students at Brooks County Middle School go through an intense hour of study, known as corrective reading.

"It corrects students who are making mistakes, so often children read and they just go over words regardless of the pronunciation. Corrective reading stops that," says Diane Thomas, a teacher.

The test scores prove the program is making a difference in the classrooms. For example, on the 2000 CRCT test, not even 15 percent exceeded expectations, but in 2001, that number jumped to nearly 40 percent.

"It has helped me by expanding my vocabulary and helped me with language arts and helped me to become better at reading," says student Dannyelle Dukes.

The program is not just limited to improving a student's ability to read, but it helps in almost every other aspect of the student's education.

"It helps me pay attention more in all of my other classes. I just think about corrective reading when I'm in the other classes and be quiet and sit down and listen to the teacher," says 7th grader Devon Vinson.

"It helps you follow directions and helps you stay on the same page as everyone else so you won't get lost while the teacher's talking," Dannyelle adds.

Those changes have both students and teachers reaching for the highest goals. This program is also being used in dozens of other schools, including several in Florida, and so far major improvements are being seen at each school.

Teachers say the improvements are sticking with students all the way through high school.