100 Years of the Boys & Girls Club

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Roxanna Haynes
November 27, 2006

Over the past 100 years the Boys and Girls Clubs of America have been providing a safe and fun place for kids to go after school. The Atlanta-based organization reaches more than 4,000 communities nationwide.

These two young adults were once members of their local Boys and Girls Club.

Michael Brown, former member, said, "Growing up as a kid, my dad was a single parent raising three of us. My other home was the Boys and Girls Club. It gave me a lot of opportunities, helping out in the community, helping me become the positive man I am now."

And they're not the only ones. More than four million kids are currently involved with this now century-old program.

Joel Jenkins, former member, said, "If you don't have anywhere to go after school, if you feel like there's no one that loves you, the Boys and Girls Club offers a great opportunity and love and hope for all the young kids."

Many former Boys and Girls Club members go on to have successful lives and careers, and for Jenkins and Brown, they're glad to now be working at the Boys and Girls Club, giving back to a place that gave them so much.

Brown said, "Once you get involved with the Boys and Girls Club you want to stay in it for life."

Jenkins added, "The future, it's unlimited."

It’s a message they share to all kids that come to be a part of the club.

National organizers say their next goal is to have a Boys and Girls Club in every town in America.