Jury Selection Begins in a Tallahassee Double Murder Trial

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Twenty-seven-year-old Ryan Hubbard sat quietly Monday as 50 potential jurors were questioned. Hubbard is on trial for the September 2004 murders of FAMU student Jamilla Byers and TCC student Bryan Dyson.

"Mr. Hubbard is charged with three offenses: two first degree murders and a third offense of shooting a firearm in an occupied vehicle," said Armando Garcia, Hubbard's defense attorney.

The bodies of Byers and Dyson were discovered in a car parked behind the Prince Murat Motel.

Authorities later arrested Hubbard in his hometown of Orlando. At the time of the murders, Tallahassee police believed the deaths were drug related.

If found guilty, Hubbard could either receive life without parole or the death penalty.

"It is a very serious matter and the state is very specific about when someone qualifies for the death penalty and when they don't. Mr. Hubbard does qualify for the death penalty if convicted and the jury will have to decide if it will be imposed," said prosecutor Robin Lotane.

Both the prosecution and defense have witness lists more than 40 names long. Of the prosecution's list, more than 20 names are of Tallahassee police officers.

This trial is expected to last about two weeks.