Robbery Warnings Up During Holiday Season

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This holiday season shoppers are looking for the perfect present to put underneath the Christmas tree, and while consumers are busy shopping, criminals are keeping a watchful eye on their bags, forcing some folks to take some necessary precautions.

Sabrina Wilson said, "Keep purchases small, make small trips to the car and be aware of your surrounding and make sure no one is close by."

Julia Wilhoit added, "Try to hold on to your things and make sure you're not laying anything down for a brief moment, because it could be gone when you get back.”

Deputies say the holidays are a prime time for crime. Authorities say robbers tend to target shoppers with multiple packages or who are distracted by small kids in tow, and during the holidays they plan to increase manpower to curtail crimes.

Chris Chase said, "We also have more deputies on hand. We plan to have horses at the malls to get a bird’s eye view of the place.”

The malls have also increased security, but deputies are encouraging folks to be vigilant.

Virginia Wilson said, "I try to park close to the store I'm going to and I look around and I make sure some of my items are in the truck, covered over, and I try to bring a smaller purse."

Law enforcement says the key to a safe, crime-free holiday is simply paying attention to your surroundings.

Another tip is to make sure you have your keys in hand before you go to your car with packages.