Apalachicola Water System

Clear and refreshing. The clean water is like a breath of fresh air for residents in Apalachicola who for years have seen yellow tainted water running from their facets.

Red Davis has become somewhat of a water quality expert. He's lived in Apalachicola over 50-years and says he can't remember a time when yellow smelly water didn't pour from the city's pipes.

Davis took matters into his own hands, filtering his water to protect the family from minerals and residue.

Davis said, "there was so much chlorine and lime in it, it clogged up my wash machine and filters." As is the case throughout the historic town, high sulfide concentrations could be seen everywhere, until now.

John Szafranski, project manager, said, "there are three off site wells- we removed rotten egg odor." Szafranski is in charge of this brand new water plant. He says the $4.7-million system reduces sulfur counts and purifies all water flowing through the city. Allowing residents to sip and not gulp a crisp clear glass of water.

The new water system is fully operational, but folks may not see a difference in their water for a few months. Engineers say the old wells have to go offline as the new wells are put into service. Then it's a matter of flushing out the entire system through town, however, some residents say they can already see and taste a difference.