Workforce Initiative Program

Innovation Park is where college students go for high tech training in engineering and physics.

Demanding studies that are now seeing younger students like Godby High's Alex Drake.

Alex Drake, studying turbines, "I want to be an engineer and it's going to provide me with how things go about and with experiments and measurements and help me a lot later in life."

The program that makes internships like this possible is Godby's work force initiative program.

Dr. Randy Pridgeon, principle, "We have one who's doing wind tunnel analysis, we have one working with laser technology and we have one that's going to GTO and they're going to work on the research development at their plant."

The program is also bringing in businesses that are directly training students.

Construction companies say students can graduate and immediately start a well paying career.

Jennings Knox, Ceoculpepper Construction, said, "what we need in the construction industry is young men and women to come into it. In the last few years there hasn't been that many folks, so we want to be active in their education and bring them into the construction industry."

The goal over the next few years is to put all Godby graduates through some part of the program. Dr. Pridgeon says the response he's seen from the business community has been overwhelming. "What we've been doing for about a month now, it's really taking off and all kinds of businesses locally have been wanting to get on board with us and we welcome them."

A job fair will be held in May to place students in summer jobs and even careers.