Increased Security After Kidnapping Attempt

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Although an attempted kidnapping suspect is still on the loose, parents can sleep a little more soundly knowing their children's school will soon be safer.

Less than a week after the attempted kidnapping, the Leon County school district is beefing up security. Dozens of Ruediger Elementary School parents who may not have known each other that well gathered together Monday night. One thing they all had in common is they were all concerned about their child's safety.

Last week the child's safety was out of their hands. A little girl was nearly kidnapped in the hallway at Ruediger Elementary School.

"When I found out that this incident happened I was very disconcerted that something like this took place at our school," said parent Cynthia Williams.

Patricia Rouse says it prompted her to talk to her children about safety.

"It was nerve racking. I immediately started talking to my kids trying to reassure them that everything was gonna be okay, and my daughter, she was a little bit worried about coming to school."

Superintendent Jackie Pons spent Monday morning and evening at the school apologizing to parents.

"The school is looked at as a place where children are always safe and I'm just sorry that they had to get up and think about what could've happened in this."

Monday night he made an attempt to quell parents’ fears. Pons and Ruediger Elementary Principal Carolyn Spooner held a meeting to tell parents they're adding security cameras, teacher two-way radios, and a full-time hall monitor.

Priscilla Overstreet has five children at Ruediger and is glad the district is acting so quickly.

"I think that's something they should have had to begin with. I didn't understand why they didn't, but I'm glad now that they're gonna have it because the kids need it to know they're safe."

Elliott Hogan is also a Ruediger parent. He's pleased the school will have extra eyes in the hallway.

"The addition of another resource officer where a lot of the kids are being picked up at is good. You can never have too much security and that's one of the things I'm really grateful of."

Something that has already changed is that the school is on lockdown mode. School gates are closed and locked for the entire school day.

Cameras should be up at the school in about two weeks. Right now they're in the process of looking for a full-time security monitor.