Thomasville Firefighters Busy

By Kate Gaier
5:15 pm November 28, 2006

Dorotha Jackson and her husband made it out of their home safely, but lost everything.

Jackson says she doesn't burn candles or use a space heater and doesn't know what could have started the fire.

"I saw when it started. I was standing in the doorway when it started. I had just walked in the front door and saw my back window, but the foot of my bead was on fire and it was popping all the way through the ceiling."

Captain Tim Connell with the Thomasville Fire Department added, "No injuries to this one, but here lately it's been cold and we're getting a lot of working fires, at least one or two a day on our shift for the past week."

Firefighters urge residents to keep an eye on burning candles and say never leave a fire unattended.

Cold weather brings out more space heaters. Firefighters say keep those free from clutter.