Internet Child Molestation Cases

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When it comes to predators getting to our children, many people think about one thing.

Thomasville Resident Bill Vaughan, says, "I believe the Internet is the biggest thing to date for child predators."

Carolina Williams is a mother of three and she says, "My oldest is eight and she only gets one hour of computer a day, and it’s in the living room."

However, a study by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children show 38% of child abusers were parents, 33% were family and friends, and just 9% were online predators.

Sheriff deputies say in recent cases in the Thomas County area, they've made arrests in child molestation cases involving neighbors, parents, and other family members, saying they don't see many Internet cases.

Thomas County Investigator, Bob Brettel says, "Parents just need to watch their children and just be aware that it's usually someone that they know, someone the children know, and is close to them."

Although when it comes to computer use, deputies say even though Internet predators do not top the list of child molestation cases, parents still need to monitor their children's computers.

On the flipside, law enforcement says just because Internet crime is on the rise, parents should not be misled and let their guard down.