Street Name Changes to Honor Activist

A civil rights activist was honored Tuesday, through the name change of a local street.

Martin Street in Live Oak is now Martin-Mayhue Street.

The name Mayhue was added to honor Earnest Mayhue who died in 2001.

City officials say the civil rights advocate helped bring equality to the area during his 20 years at the helm of the local NAACP.

Mayor Sonny Nobles of the City of Live Oak said, "The Live Oak City Council passed a resolution renaming the street. They recognized that Mr. Mayhue needed to be honored. It was accepted and very well accepted in the community."

Richard Mayhue, Earnest Mayhue's son said, "I was real proud about this because my name is Mayhue anyway. So when I go and see the street, I always think about that anyway. This is real good."

Mayhue's son, Richard, still lives in the same house the Mayhue’s lived in on Martin Street since 1975.