Accused Gas Thieves: Two Guilty, One Not Guilty

An accused gas thief is found not guilty. Longtime Suwannee County EMT Employee Jack Corbin was found not guilty of stealing gas from the county's fuel system.

Corbin was arrested back in July with his son Joshua and Misty Creamer for stealing 2,700 gallons of gas.

Joshua and Creamer pled guilty to stealing the fuel by using special keys and pin numbers.

Meanwhile, Jack Corbin is back at work. He said, "I feel still upset about it that circumstances put me in that place that shouldn't have because of management. It was neglect on the supervisors' part in EMS and the county road department."

Suwannee County's interim EMS Director Ken Willis was not in charge at the time, but says management has since improved record-keeping to make sure all gas is accounted for.