SPLOST Projects Wrap Up in Valdosta

Four major road construction projects have wrapped up in Lowndes County, at a cost of $2.5 million. Projects like the half million dollar paving of Alexandria Street now allow drivers to get through areas that were once bogged down with mud.

Over on the north side of the county, the Skipper Bridge road expansion is complete at a cost of $750,000.

"We had to make sure our roads are up and out of the flood waters, that was a major concern here to get the highway high enough to stay out of the water," says Bob Gardner, engineer.

Other projects help provide just a few families with a way home, like the replacement of a wooden bridge on Old Valdosta Road with a modern bridge.

"We figure this bridge will last us 75 to 100 years, its got concrete filled shell casing pilings."

And while the other projects were rural in design, the paving and drainage of Tomilinson drive is considered to be more urban in design.

"The important factor is that these projects were funded through SPLOST 4 tax dollars. We're very grateful to the citizens of Lowndes County for allowing this progress to happen, that penny tax is a penny for progress," says Paige Dukes, spokesperson.

Progress that should better help the citizens get where they need to safely. The new SPLOST 5 is now in effect, and two major road-paving projects are already underway.