Power Lunch

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It was a meeting of the minds in Tallahassee among city and county leaders.

Tallahassee Mayor John Marks and Leon County Commission Chair Ed Depuy met during lunch Wednesday to discuss a host of issues.

One item includes growth concerns with schools and roadways. Another issue deals with trying to receive compensation for the taxes county residents are loosing.

"There is a lot of taxable property that isn't taxed in Leon County and the City of Tallahassee because the area has a lot of state agencies and public buildings. They are exempt from paying property tax. That puts an unusual burden on the other people in the county that do have to pay property taxes," said Depuy.

"What we are trying to do is foster good city and county relationships. This is just an effort continue that," said Marks.

These and other items will be brought before lawmakers during the 2007 legislative session.