Students Send Care Packages to Troops

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While our troops have been at war for more than three years, some local students aren't forgetting about these men and woman. Care packages, baked goods and personal letters are just a few of the gifts U.S. soldiers are receiving this holiday season.

Glitter, ribbon and a paper bag are all the ingredients to make a care package.

Gretchen Everhart School students are hoping to brighten the lives of soldiers who are miles away from home during the holiday season.

"They need our support and the kids need to know what the guys are doing and ladies are doing over there, but it's important for them to be a part of it and to show their support," said Beth Bloomquist, a Gretchen Everhart teacher.

Meanwhile, Chiles High School has created the "Chiles Alumni Defenders." Faculty members say more than 30 former students have enlisted in the military since graduating.

"Someone knows someone in the military and it's nice to be able to send them something for the holidays," said Meridith Gould, a Chiles High student.

The boxes contain the troops’ favorite items ranging from books to snacks and hygiene products. Also in the boxes are beanie babies, giving the troops an opportunity to pass a gift along to Iraqi children.

"We really honor their dedication and we wanted to do special things to let them know that we are still thinking about them at Chiles and are proud of them. And we wanted to send a little bit of Tallahassee to where they might be stationed at," said Tammy Cone on Chiles High School staff.

Raa Middle School even created a podcast where students read poems, wave flags and show their support in a high tech way. All gestures are showing the troops are in the hearts of all Americans, especially during the holiday season.

These packages also give soldiers a chance to bring a piece of home to fellow troops and Iraqi children.