I-185 Extension Through Thomas County

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The idea of an interstate running through Thomas County excites some residents but leaves others worrying about losing that small town appeal.

Thomas County resident Birdalee Miller said, "There's always room for improvement. W have to move forward."

Thomas County resident Hugh Davis said, "I think it's a wonderful idea. I believe it'll bring new business and tourism."

Thomas County resident Kenneth Burgess added, "I like the small town atmosphere, downtown Thomasville, I really wouldn't like all the things an interstate might bring."

State government leaders are just proposing the idea for now. The idea is to extend Interstate 185 from Columbus to Monticello, Florida.

Leaders say this could bring more jobs to southwest Georgia and decrease traffic on I-75, but Thomas County leaders say you don't need an interstate to have growth, and that there is more to consider when discussing extending an interstate.

The president of the Thomasville Chamber of Commerce, Don Sims, said, "It becomes a different story when you look at communities like ours that have red lights, you'd have to build overpasses, and when that happens in a lot of cases there would be a lot of businesses that have access to 19 that would not have access to 185."

Community leaders say they're not against the idea, they just have to weigh all the pros and cons. The plan is still just in the talking stages, but there will be a meeting to in December to discuss possibly moving forward with the extension project.