Major Drug Busts Fill Jail

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Walk around and you'll see the jail is full of felons. Some of the inmates say they're sleeping on the floor at night.

Just Tuesday there was another drug bust in Franklin County. Nathaniel White the third accused of trying to sell crack and powder cocaine. Deputies seizing the drugs...and a stash of cash, all of the activity near a school.

It's just one of dozens of drug arrests in the past year.

Carol Kelley, a Franklin County resident, said, "Get the drugs out. Keep our babies safe. Keep me safe too."

Deputies say 80-90 percent of the inmates are here on drug charges. So many people in fact, the sheriff's using this tent for the overflow.

Andrew Amerson, an inmate facing battery charges, said, "It's better than being inside."

Residents we talked to say it's time to put them all behind bars, even if it means expanding the jail.

Pat Haberverg, a Franklin County resident, said, "Like I say you do the crime you do the time."

Sheriff Mike Mock of Franklin County said, "If you don't deal with the drug problem it brings violence. You'll have drive-by shootings. You'll have murders. It brings violence with it."

The sheriff says selling drugs is not a victimless crime. Many times he goes into a neighborhood and sees the families affected by the illegal activity surrounding cocaine.

The Sheriff's Office reports it's just sent in a set of blueprints to see how much it would cost to expand the jail.