New Industry Comes to Thomasville

News of a new business in this area is certainly a breath of fresh air, and this opens the doors for several more opportunities to come to this area.

Signatures stand for a sign of hope for the citizens of Thomasville. Southwest Georgia Technical College and Quickstart have partnered with the United Welding Services, Inc., to employ 50 people for its manufacturing company for truck accessories.

"We're there to help with them to continue to grow and expand their company through training if that's what they need for any of their employees whether it customized or generic," says Freida Hill, President of Southwest Georgia Technical College.

Employees will be trained by Quickstart at no cost to the company to work in a brand new 30,000 square foot facility.

"They are just first class people it will be a great company to work for with wonderful benefits and excellent working conditions," says Kathy Harvill.

"We do know that we've taken some losses but we have an excellent leadership team have who have responded well to adverse situations," adds Don Sims, Chamber of Commerce President.

Sims says there are plans to expand this business as well, adding at least 80 more new jobs, another sign that the rose city will keep on blooming.

The business is expected to be up and running by December 1. They have already begun accepting applications. Those interested can call the Georgia Department of Labor at 229-225-4033.