Weed Woes

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Roxanna Haynes
November 29, 2006

When it comes to fishing at Reed Bingham Park, Edward Mars is hooked, but lately he's been running into a problem.

Edward said, "I started out there in the lake this morning and I caught one right off, a nice one, but then you run into the weeds and the grass."

Below the gators and tortoises you'll find some undesirable vegetation.

Water hyacinth is a problem at the lake because it easily splits apart, therefore rapidly reproduces.

Chet Powell, Park Manager, said, “These can double in a period of 14 days."

Other problem weeds are water primrose and hydrangea. Park rangers are doing their best to remove this nuisance with machines. Environmentalist say this outbreak is because of global warming and our higher than normal temperatures.

"We're really hoping that we have cold weather. If we don't have some cold weather this year we're in some serious trouble."

In the meantime, to combat these weeds park rangers are using environmentally friendly chemicals and may even drain the lake early next year, but one thing’s certain.

Mars said, "I'll be mighty glad."

Everyone including Mars will be happy when these weeds get whacked. Park rangers at Reed Bingham add that this is the worst they've seen the weed problem in about a decade.