Hurricane Season Ends

The first scare came just 11 days after hurricane season began.

Alberto threatened, then fizzled. Later, Ernesto came in August, brining rain and little else for Floridians.

So it was with smiles on their faces that state officials dropped the flag on hurricane season.

Across the state, a collective sigh of relief. The remnants are of two bad years are still showing up in mailboxes in the form of higher insurance premiums and there’s no immediate relief in sight.

But the lieutenant governor says even a good year like 2006 isn’t enough to lower rates.

Lt. Gov. Toni Jennings, (R) Florida, said, “A couple more good years will help us because, in fact, as the risk continues to diminish, the insurers will return to the market with lower prices, but it won’t happen overnight.”

State lawmakers meet in mid January to work on insurance, but anything they accomplish that could result in savings to you could take a year or more to work their way into policy renewals.