Ashcroft Visit: Speech

He says the fact we haven't seen a major terrorist attack in two years and the fact crime rates are at 30-year lows mean America is on the right track. Flanked by flags and law enforcement officers, Attorney General John Ashcroft said America's justice system is working.

"Together we are protecting homes. We're saving lives. We're winning America's fight against crime," Ashcroft says.

And in a room full of law enforcement, Ashcroft's message was well received.

"We're not trying to make this some totalitarian society, be Nazi Germany. We're trying to make America safe from a bunch of terrorists who respect none of us," says Sheriff Larry Campbell.

"I think his coming to this area, speaking to law enforcement and community reinforces the importance of what they're doing and how they're doing it," Maj. Ed Spooner says.

Outside, a handful of demonstrators with signs and slogans against Ashcroft, claiming the patriot act takes away American rights.

"What's happened to our country? What's happened to this Bill of Rights so many fought and died for? Where's it gone? And who gave these people the right to take it away?" Jim Hilton stated.

Attorney General Ashcroft says the best strategy for preventing crime is simple: lock up criminals. Civil libertarians are worried it gives the government too much power to search your property without probable cause. The government can even find out what books you're checking out from the library, and they've made it illegal for librarians to reveal the government has asked for that information.