Jobs with Dignity Turns 25


Organizers of the Jobs with Dignity program have been changing lives for hundreds of people in the peach state, and they say they help make the elderly still feel young at heart. Jobs with Dignity is a program that provides jobs and training for low-income workers ages 55 and up, and some of the people say they don't know where they'd be without this opportunity.

Seventy-year-old Joan Dukes says it's quite obvious what she'd be doing if she had never been introduced to jobs with dignity. Joan was laid off from her previous job of more than 20 years just two years ago. She says this program has helped her get back on her feet.

Stories like this is what made Thursday's 25 year anniversary celebration so special. It honored those who took initiative to apply to the program and those who run it and they say it's all about giving this age group a much needed boost in life.

Hinds say she's seen hundreds throughout the years and encourages many more people like Joan to join, and Joan Dukes has yet another reason to be grateful. She was recently awarded the "whatever it takes award" from her job at the Camellia Gardens of Life Care Center.

The program is funded by a federal grant, and is operated by the Grady Board of Education and the Southwest Georgia Council on Aging. They say 25 years makes it one of the longest lasting grant programs. They are constantly recruiting people for the jobs.

For more information people can contact Brenda Russell at 229-377-3701.