New Walgreens

Walgreens wants to build a store across from Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, and while people are excited about a new drugstore in the neighborhood; some don't want to cross an island of asphalt to get there.

Ringing up sandwiches and salads in midtown, Beth Tedio loves the neighborhood near Tallahassee Memorial where kids can hit the sidewalks after school, but she's not so sure the plans to build a Walgreens on this site do that. Neither is Kelly Dozier. She says most buildings on Miccosukee are built on the street, and a new drug store should be too.

"We're not saying don't build a parking lot. We're just saying kind of put it on the side or the back so it's no the main way to get in," says Kelly Dozier.

But the developer says the store will have some pedestrian access, and most of their customers will be driving anyway. That's about where the building would begin.

County commissioner Bob Rackleff kept the county from okaying the Walgreens plan. He says another drug company is willing to build a street-front building.

The idea: working out a deal that's a good step for walkers. The Walgreen's developer is set to be in Tallahassee Friday to talk about some of those concerns with the neighborhood.