Lawyer Assisting Students With Law in Gadsden County

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In recent weeks several Gadsden County teens have made headlines, arrested for charges ranging from murder to vehicular manslaughter.

Gadsden County school officials are now partnering with a local attorney in an effort to teach students about the consequences of crimes. The Gadsden County school district prepares its students with everyday educational lessons.

"I defend people who are charged with crimes, so I'm here to tell you straight."

But these days the district is partnering with a local attorney teaching kids about life lessons and consequences of their actions when they're off campus.

Dom Pumphrey, Jr. said, "Every day we pick up the paper and see something where a young person has made a mistake or poor choice, and so our firm put this together to present to young people so hopefully they'll learn something from it and make better choices."

They are choices that could alter their lives if they face felony or misdemeanor charges. The topic of discussions range from drug possession to DUI infractions, and so far this wakeup session is not falling on deaf ears.

Jeffrey Robinson, an East Gadsden student, said, "Students out here need this and this is helping us a lot because it's stuff we didn't know and we need to know."

Mildreka Hobley added, "I listened and I understand where he's coming from."

"We are here to make sure your wrists are out of handcuffs and how to keep your record clean.

School officials are hoping the message resonates with students to make good choices that will keep them from becoming part of the judicial system.

Jamarion Zanders said, "It helps to make better decision and make sure I always hang with good people."

Some 1,100 students at East Gadsden High School were on hand to hear the lesson in life.