Double Murder Trial Enters Week Two

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The prosecution is slowly wrapping up its case against Ryan Hubbard, on trial for the murders of FAMU student Jamilla Byers and TCC student Bryan Dyson.

Their bodies were discovered in a car parked behind the Prince Murat Motel in September 2004. Monday, medical examiner Steven Sgan described the two gunshot wounds he discovered during Dyson's autopsy.

"The first one was on the back of the neck just to the right of the spine. There was another one that entered on the inner part of his left calf," said Sgan.

The defense spent a large part of Monday morning poking holes in the testimony of state witness Kavonya Cooper, an acquaintance of both Ryan Hubbard and his girlfriend.

Cooper admitted on the stand that she thought offering testimony against Hubbard would ease some of her own legal troubles.

State prosecutor Kathy Ray says the case is moving slower than planned.

"We have about 15 witnesses left. A lot of those are going to be people from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and experts on the fingerprints," said Ray.

The state is expected to rest its case either late Tuesday or early Wednesday.