Education Enhancements for Cairo High School

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Senior Frank Addison has a second chance for a high school diploma. Addison failed the Georgia graduation test needed to graduate. Now, Cairo High School has teamed up with the Georgia Department of Labor, introducing students to the online Maryland Program.

Addison said, "This is a great opportunity for me to be in this class because it sill helps me in the long run to get jobs, career choices, and maybe start my own business. "

Student Tokera Gordon is also in the program and she said, "It'll help me get a good job and do something successful."

This program is for students who are a few credits shy of graduation and are having difficulty passing the Georgia graduation tests. However, instead of dropping out or earning a G.E.D., students are earning a high school diploma.

Yolonda Anderson teaches the class and she said, "Every class they need for a high school diploma they will have it on their computer."

Cairo High School Principal Tim Helms said, "This is one way we can prevent kids from dropping out. They can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and give them hope, because we all know without a high school diploma, you're sunk. "

So for students like Addison, being just a few credits behind will not keep him from achieving his dreams.

For the first time Cairo High is also using a graduation coach to get students motivated for that diploma.