Sheriff's Office Shakeup in Wakulla County

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Wakulla County's sheriff is shaking up the staff at his office. He's moving managers around. The change-up affects majors and captains, essentially upper management, and while it may not be comfortable the sheriff says it's necessary.

It's moving day for captains and majors at the Wakulla County Sheriff's Office. The sheriff says after a few years his top brass needed a change.

Sheriff David Harvey said, "We do it every couple years. I'm sure Sheriff Campbell does it. It happens in coaching; you move your offensive coordinator sometimes out, sometimes you might move him over to defensive coordinator."

The sheriff says no one is being demoted or promoted, yet we're told at least one major has lost his title and is now a captain.

The sheriff says if you want proof his system works, just look at the jail. The $3.4 million expenditure isn't costing taxpayers a dime, thanks to outside agencies.

MAJ Jared Miller said, "Yeah, we've been really fortunate. We have a contract with the U.S. Marshal Service, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Department of Corrections."

The sheriff says if you leave a person in one job for too long, they get too comfortable.