Citizens for a Better Citizens

The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation unveiled a new Web site last month to get feedback from the public.

The e-mails are pouring in.

The “Citizens for a Better Citizens” Web site is nothing fancy. You click a link to submit suggestions, then check off boxes on what the topics of your suggestions are to improve customer service at the Citizens property insurance corporation.

There’s a space to write in the details.

Bob Lotane with the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation says they’ve gotten hundreds of suggestions since the Web site went online last week.

Bob Lotane with the Office of Insurance Regulation said, "A lot of people, yeah, they weren’t taken care of on the phone, they didn’t get the right answer, they weren’t able to get to the right person. Get people answers quicker, a lot of agent problems."

Suggestions range wildly. One customer suggests a better installment plan so people can spread out their payments more.

Another wants Citizens to write other kinds of policies so customers don’t have to deal with multiple companies. Someone even suggested selling Lottery tickets to cover Citizens’ deficits.

Along with the Web site, Citizens is also holding public hearings, and they’re getting an earful from customers fed up with how the state is running the company.

Some people who had problems with adjusters, who still have problems with hurricane damage that haven’t had their claims settled, and that’s unthinkable at this point. Citizens Insurance must provide the state a revised plan of operation including its improved customer service goals by the end of January.