Gadsden Schools Receive Reading Grant

School officials received $135,000, which will buy books and updated library materials they hope will help students excel in school.

Six year-old Nydia McSwain says she reads books all the time, and she's not alone. Gadsden County school officials are hoping to open a world of knowledge to these book lovers. They've just received $135,000 to promote reading.

"Reading is one of those things you can do more and get better at so that's what were pushing for. For parents involvement, for students to want to better read more laying a foundation for their class work as well as their social knowledge," says Misty Cash, an information services specialist.

Stewart Street teachers have been putting a lot of emphasis on reading; they've been encouraging students to join their book club with the intent of reading 25 books a month.

"All of our teachers have classroom libraries or books that are interesting to students and whenever the kids are done early with their school work, they can take out their books and begin to read," says Stewart Street principal, Rosa Barkley.

Now, students like McSwain have been tipping their hats off to reading. Administrators will use a portion of the money to buy more books and materials for accelerated readers.

Gadsden County was one of 73 school districts to receive this fund. They're still in the planning stages they're not sure if they'll open the school's library in the morning or the evening, but students will definitely get an additional hour to check out book.