Former President Visits Florida's Capital City

Applause greeted Bush. Invited by his son, the former president was asked to speak about leadership.

“You can’t, kind of, waver in the wind," the former president said. "And I think that’s one reason that your governor has been a highly successful governor. He’s not out there ‘oh, let’s see today I dropped five points.’”

But with Jeb Bush’s eight years in Tallahassee coming to a close, the event quickly turned into the governor’s swan song.

The senior Bush choked up when describing his son’s leadership qualities. A collage of pictures set to music relived much of Jeb Bush’s eight years in the Governor’s Mansion. The former president was asked what advice he had for his soon to be unemployed son. He offered none at least publicly.

“Well, all I can tell you is that the whole family would, would be 100 percent for him whatever it is he decides to do," the elder Bush said. "May feel he has to make a living. I don’t know.”

But the former president also said he’d like to see his son follow in his footsteps. In the end, the elder Bush concluded faith, family, sticking to your principles, and relationship building were the keys to good leadership.

All are traits Jeb Bush brought to Tallahassee.

The former president left Tallahassee without speaking to reporters. Jeb Bush leaves office on January 2 when Charlie Crist is sworn in as governor.