Protect Your Plants From Those Cold and Lonely Nights

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House plants and Poinsettias are perfect examples of landscape decor that need to be protected during cold nights, Protection from temperatures below 32 degrees. As winter approaches, the threat of a freeze haunts plants.

"You definitely want to get those either inside or with a nice frost cloth over it. Something to keep it really protected. Make sure that all the limbs are tucked inside and that it's really compact in that frost cloth," said Jason Rock, an employee at the Tallahassee Nursery.

Not all agriculture lovers fear the cold. Doug Zahn, a product of the Iowa fields wasn't accustomed to winter vegetation until his Georgian cousin introduced him to southern crops.

"I plant them now and they will handle the cold weather, and if it gets real cold like in the low 20s, I'd probably put some pine straw on top of them to make sure they don't freeze," said Zahn.

It's not uncommon for Tallahassee to see chilling temperatures throughout the winter. Botany experts said annuals such as Pansies and Snap Dragons should be fine during the cold weather season.