Identity Fraud Arrest

Folks on their way fishing often stop off at the Lake Talquin General Store, so it didn't seem unusual when Terry Harvell stopped here to buy a few things last month.

Harvell is now under arrest for forgery, uttering and grand theft accused of writing 11 bad checks, and investigators say the checks were drawn on a Quincy State Bank account that belonged to none other than her own mother, T.C. Touchton, who passed away nearly three years ago.

Clerks at the Lake Talquin General Store became suspicious when they say Harvell wrote checks and asked for $50 cash back several days in a row, and the sheriff's department says this store on Highway 20 may not have been Harvell's only target.

The sheriff's department expects to file more charges against Harvell and there is also a warrant for her arrest on worthless check charges in Gadsden County.