Tallahassee Shelter Prepares for Cold Weather

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Winter roars in with temperatures dipping into the 20s.

For area homeless, it makes life on the streets even harder. Since the summer the Tallahassee Leon Shelter has been experiencing large volumes of people seeking shelter, and with winter weather here shelter workers say those numbers typically go up.

The Tallahassee Leon Shelter has seen record numbers recently as homeless seek shelter from Mother Nature. Monday night volunteers estimate between 180 and 190 people escaped the cold.

The Shelter is in need of personal hygiene products, namely toilet paper, food, medical and cleaning supplies.

Temperatures are expected to stay in the 30s Tuesday night and then again at the end of the week, which means The Shelter will continue to see large numbers of people seeking shelter from Jack Frost.

Donations are welcome at The Tallahassee Leon Shelter on Tennessee Street.