Peach Trees Love Cold Weather

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Temperatures are plummeting into the 20's and 30's, sending chills through the air, and keeping the peach trees healthy.

Mike Abbott has been in the peach business for more than 30 years, and says peaches are one of the few crops that benefit from colder weather.

"The only time cold weather is bad for us is in the spring after the bloom, and if we get cold then, it kills them," he said.

The trees need at least 700 hours of cold weather to ensure a full bloom this spring. During that time of rest, the trees do not grow; they're essentially frozen in time.

Right now Abbott’s farm is at 200 hours, which is better than last year.

Abbott said, "At this time last year we had 140 hours, now we're up to 200, so we're ahead."

Farmers say they need to reach all 700 chilling hours by February 15th for the peaches to be ready for picking by late April.

Farmers say if the trees do not get all their chilling hours, they will not produce any fruit.