Scam Artist Surprise

By Julie Montanaro
December 6, 5:35pm

A suspected scam artist apparently has no idea his next victim is really a detective.

Last week we told you about a scam artist soliciting a Leon County Sheriff's Office employee to help him snare $12.5 million. Deputies decided to e-mail him back and see how far it would go.

Two e-mails later, and the man calling himself "Daniel Lduke" of Lagos Island, Nigeria is already looking for account numbers.

"He gave me two options to transfer the funds," said DET Rob Waller, "one being he wanted my account number for my checking account and the other, he wanted a credit card number, so as we can see the main goal of his is to get access to those two accounts."

One e-mail says, "This transaction is 100 percent risk free and very genuine. Once you follow this directive you will not be lead astray."

Detectives say this is a typical Nigerian phisihig scam. We'll keep you posted on what happens next.