Christmas Connection Feature Family

By Julie Montanaro
December 6, 5:40pm

The Christmas Connection helps hundreds of struggling families have a brighter holiday each year, and today we head to the coast to meet a woman who could sure use some encouragement.

The Panacea woman recently lost her husband to leukemia and is struggling to provide for her four sons, ages 11 to 21. She works multiple shifts at a fast food restaurant, but after paying bills there's not much left for Christmas gifts.

The family needs towels and pots and pans, but that mom really wants gifts for her sons. One son wants Harry Potter books, another the scary movie "Nightmare on Elm Street." They'd like some games for their Play Station 2 and some remote control cars for the youngest son.

If you can help, this is case 515. Please take donations to the Christmas Connection at 1000 West Tharpe Street or call 222-2180 for more information.