Drug Bust

By Ben Wolf
Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Police say they found Ramona Jordan hiding more than 1,000 bucks worth of cocaine and hundreds of dollars of weed in her child's bedroom in the Hudson Docket Housing Project.

With a rise in population, police say they've seen a rise in drug activity. In fact, police say I-75 is a big time drug trafficking corridor, a problem they say they're tackling head-on.

"If a dog alerts on a vehicle, I don't need a search warrant. I'm going to search it, so take your chances," said CAPT Brian Childress.

In addition to using drug searching techniques, police rely on the public's help as well.

"In at least two of these cases we received tips from the public. Now that means the world to us."

Community leaders are stepping up too. Take for example a local community center located near the Hudson Docket Housing Projects. They're providing a positive atmosphere for families, and folks there say they see an end to the drug problem in sight.

"I think you will see in the long run it's really helping the community for us, the community center is. It's really forcing us to educate the kids. It's going to stop. Yeah, I do think that," said community center supervisor Andre Newson.

Police officials say officers routinely cover the same area so they get to know people over time. They're hoping that line of communication will prevent drugs like this from ever being sold on the street.

Valdosta police say this drug arrest was their second big bust in just a week.