Several Leads in an Attempted Abduction Case

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Workers are busy round the clock installing security cameras at Tallahassee's Ruediger Elementary.

The security upgrade comes just two weeks after a man tried abducting a little girl right off school grounds.

"I've never seen anything happen that quickly, and the amazing part is the amount of work it took and cooperation from different units from the county, it's going to be wonderful," said Carolyn Spooner, Ruediger Elementary Principal.

The School Board's quick reaction is putting parents at ease.

"I am feeling very encouraged the cameras are being placed in the school, it happened so quickly," said Cynthia Williams, a parent.

Twenty one cameras will monitor the halls and all entrances and exits. Principal Spooner said the cameras will be a great tool during the busiest hours of the day.

"During arrival and dismissal it's hard to supervise all sections of the campus and this will allow us to do it," said Spooner.

While the cameras are being installed, staff has beefed up security to ensure the safety of all students.

"The superintendent asked me to come in to serve as a security person while they put the cameras and get everything in place," said Wilbur Johnson, hall monitor at Ruediger Elementary.

The extra eyes on campus hope to discourage uninvited visitors from coming on campus. Staff at Ruediger said the cameras will be up and running by the end of the week.