Extra Passengers on the School Bus

Sheriff deputies are warning commuters to resist the temptation to zip past school busses on their way to or from work. Deputies across the county are cracking down on motorists who disobey stop signals on buses.

It's 2:30 in the afternoon and school is out. The ride home is filled with chatter, but outside the windows danger lurks; bus drivers say motorists speed by disobeying their signals.

Stephanie Shaw drives two busloads of children to and from school each day. She says too many motorists are disrespectful when her stop signs pops out. It's a fear Leon County sheriff's deputies are trying to calm. That's why they're riding onboard for a first-hand look at the problem, but that's not the case on Monday afternoon.

Motorists have been on their manners. Deputies say that's a good sign their message is being heard. If you ignore stop signals on school buses, deputies say you'll pay the price of $90. Fines go out to all violators.