Dump Site Dispute Gets Dirty

An alleged altercation between a city attorney and protesters sparks a police investigation.

Clifton Brock says Live Oak city attorney David Robertson verbally assaulted him and several other Suwannee County residents during a recent protest.

Clifton Brock said, "About an hour into the protest that we were having, Mr. David Robertson crashed the picket brigade and started slinging signs around and telling us he was going to sue us. He chased up to me like he was going to hit me."

Robertson did not want to speak on camera, but during a face-to-face chat he told Eyewitness News that Brock's allegations are quote, "categorically false."

The demonstration was to protest Don Wainwright, who pleaded guilty in March 2000 to illegally dumping hazardous waste on his 12 acres of land off 113th Road.

Current landowners believe Robertson is involved.

Jessica Stover, a landowner in Suwannee County, said, "Never did depositions. He quit us in the middle of the case and actually joins a lawyer that is one of Mr. Wainwright's partners."

Robertson denies that, but Stover says she's still left with problems.

Stover said, "We've go a sludge pit in the back of our property that's from waste, building debris. DEP dug up rims and tires. I've had arsenic found in my daughter's body. There have been nose bleeds related to this, hair falling out, shortness of breath."

Eyewitness News was told that Wainwright was out of town when contacted for comment.

The Live Oak Police Department says it is gathering witness statements from the latest protest. Pending the investigation, a complete report will be sent to the state attorney's office.