Project Math Comes to Greenville

Willie Walker is on a mission to make math more enjoyable for students without the use of a textbook, using only the human calculator, the brain.

"This is an aspiring program it gets them excited enthusiastic abut it and once we get them inspired enthusiastic we can teach them anything," says Willie.

His method of madness is called "mental math" and so far students are computing numbers beyond belief. In less than five seconds they had the answer. Some students say Walker's method is more exciting than the conventional way.

"It's different because Mr. Math teaches us shortcuts; it's faster and quicker to get our math courses," says Calaysia Jones.

Now the principal of Greenville Elementary is hoping to score big by implementing "mental math" at his school.

"We are attempting to do the best we can to have a high score of what we're capable of our children are certainly capable of this just another avenue to increase the scores through math it's a good system," says principal George Pridgeon.

A system that could add up just in time for this year's FCAT. Madison County school officials say they've seen a significant improvement in students who are using the mental math method and plan on using throughout the district.