Closing the Doors of Buckeye

A processing plant that employs approximately 1,000 people is shutting down. The doors are set to close Tuesday night, but employees along with members in the community couldn't be happier about it.

Normally when a shut down happens people are worried, but this is a different situation. Buckeye, a mill that manufactures raw materials, is going to shut down. Employees there say the end result will be great not only for them, but for all of Taylor County and Perry.

It's not often a manufacturing plant shut-down is received with this kind of reaction from the local community. The reason everyone is so excited about the shut down is because it's only temporary, and there will actually be more people working in the mill and living in Perry during the shut-down than when it's opened.

Of those 2000 people half are local residents and the other half are hired professionals to help replace and do maintenance on equipment.

Buckeye mill will stop production this evening and will resume October 8. Buckeye manufactures raw material, a wood cellulous product and it's used by other companies to make various products from tissue to shampoo. An economical impact is expected in Taylor and Perry over the next of more than $3 million.